Schematix for High-Tech

Make your processes as high-tech as your products

High-tech companies of all stripes use Schematix. Complicated products require high levels of coordination, precision, and many different systems and people play a role. That's where Schematix comes in.

  Manage with data

  • Analyze data to make decisions about architecture, resource requirements, and provisioning.
  • Universal history tracking lets you visualize the evolution of your data and configuration over time.
  • Create reports, charts, and diagrams incorporating impact analysis, dependency analysis, and other metrics.
  • Run simulations to analyze metrics such as cost-of-downtime, startup order, or design your own.

  Handle rapid changes

  • Open data formats and the ability to adapt to special formats allows Schematix to be rapidly ported to accept new information.
  • Views, reports, and diagrams are generated on-the-fly, incorporating new information continuously.
  • Sophisticated automation allows data to be continuously sent to the Schematix model.
  • Changes can be reverted, deletion is never permanent, and the model can be time-shifted to any point in time.

  Built to be reliable

  • Work from any secured web browser, no special software requirements or installation necessary.
  • Schematix SmartSync keeps your data up-to-date, preventing mistakes from stale information.
  • Universal history log lets you time shift, or search and examine changes at any time.
  • Off-site backups with optional "hot standby" SaaS, 30-minute snapshots, and integration with your enterprise backup solution.


  • Combine infrastructure data with high-level information like workflows, processes, experiments, and research
  • Represent non-electronic aspects separately from the supporting systems
  • Create domain-specific object and relation types with unique icons, colors, and options to match your industry
  • Build automation to import and synchronize domain-specific data formats