Schematix for the datacenter

Schematix was born in the datacenter

Modern datacenters are some of the most complicated and critical environments in the world, serving thousands of customers with essential services every day. The growth of the cloud has only magnified the importance of datacenter operations.

  Built to scale

  • A small footprint and modular design minimizes resource requirements.
  • Flexible deployment options in a physical, virtual, or distributed architecture.
  • SmartSync and REST API allow intelligent integration that keeps system loads under control.
  • Data products are generated efficiently on-the-fly.

  A tool for professionals

  • CML brings topological expressions, a command line, and scripting capabilities to power users.
  • REST API allows programmatic access and control using open data formats like XML, JSON, and CSV.
  • Administrators can configure views, permissions, schema, object and relation types, and more.

  Automate & integrate

  • Synchronize Amazon EC2 or VMWare configuration, or create custom automation adapters.
  • Import CSV files and Excel-compatible spreadsheets.
  • Use the REST API to update Schematix using monitoring software like Nagios and Zabbix.
  • Link to an external CMDB, Microsoft Sharepoint, Atlassian Confluence, Wiki, or website.

  Fully configurable

  • Design new types by choosing icons, colors, shapes, views, attributes, and other options.
  • Create an optional schema to specify how different object and relation types interact.
  • Selectively publish features like actions, reports, and bookmarks to each user, usergroup, or model.
  • Create views, reports, actions, and sessions to personalize the interface.