Schematix for healthcare

Schematix brings benefits to providers, hospitals, and insurers

Modern healthcare is supported by a growing number of electronic needs, and has special requirements that demand enterprise-class software. But healthcare services are about more than just servers, switches, and apps. Schematix is the only solution that can support full-stack intelligence, from power generators to insurance forms.


  • Supports HIPAA and HITECH requirements for management of protected health information (PHI).
  • Role-based security features, granular access controls, and mandatory HTTPS access and data encryption.
  • Schematix maintains a universal access and tracking log, and can perform automated off-site backup and restore.
  • Both HIPAA-compliant SaaS and hosted virtual appliance delivery options are available.

  Full-stack intelligence

  • Integrate infrastructure data with high-level information like workflows, form requirements, and processes.
  • Represent non-electronic aspects separately from the supporting systems.
  • Rapidly assess the impact of infrastructure degradation on practical services and capabilities.
  • Create a unified characterizations of how technical equipment and software interacts with the care environment.

  Increase your visibility

  • A simple interface and role-based security allows novices to use Schematix with minimal training.
  • Build dashboards and automatically-updated documentation using the Schematix API.
  • Generate comprehensive reports in a matter of seconds, ideal for meetings, audits, or paper documentation.
  • Design sessions to give quick access to relevant information.

  Built to be reliable

  • Work from any secured web browser, no special software requirements or installation necessary.
  • Schematix SmartSync keeps your data up-to-date, preventing stale information.
  • Universal history log lets you time shift, or search and examine changes at any time.
  • Off-site backups with optional "hot standby" SaaS, 30-minute snapshots, or integrate with your enterprise backup solution.