Pathway Systems

Schematix™ is created and delivered by Pathway Systems International Inc.

Pathway Systems was founded by IT engineers to address a need within our industry for a collaborative system for visual diagramming that was fast, scalable, and easy to maintain.

After years of struggling in the trenches with inferior methods of documenting and modeling IT systems, we set out to create the tool we wanted all along - Schematix™. Since that day, the information landscape has become more complex.

Companies now recognize that managing IT knowledge is crucial for their business success, yet most IT professionals still suffer with the same antiquated, document-centric solutions.

Pathway Systems and Schematix™ are upgrading the nature of work for IT professions at companies all over the world.

Every day, professionals across a broad spectrum of industry, research, and government are using Schematix™. to help document, plan, and change their technology environments.

The future looks brighter every day.

Pathway Systems continues to push the leading edge forward.