Schematix for education

Schematix facilitates visibility and communication in higher education

Schematix is the perfect tool to bring together operations, support, and service management in higher education. Schematix allows teams and departments to collaborate to build a holistic picture of the environment, communicate needs, and facilitate planning.

  Share & collaborate

  • A simple interface makes it easy for all different kinds of people to get started using Schematix.
  • Create live workspaces to chat and explore or build the Schematix model together.
  • Generate reports in seconds, ideal for meetings, presentations, audits, or documentation.

  Track history

  • Time-shift your Schematix model to explore and visualize how your model has changed over time.
  • Search for recent activity by username, CML command, by object, relation, or an entire topology.
  • Complete history access and tracking logs allow complete reconstruction of your model.

  Automate & integrate

  • Synchronize Amazon EC2 or VMWare configuration, or import CSV files and Excel-compatible spreadsheets.
  • Update Schematix through the REST API using monitoring software like Nagios and Zabbix.
  • Link to an external CMDB, Microsoft Sharepoint, Atlassian Confluence, Wiki, or website.

  Rapid build-out

  • A Schematix solution can be configured and rolled out in days, not months.
  • Import existing data or synchronize with included automation to bring data into Schematix immediately.
  • LDAP integration and an invite system allows many users to have access configured quickly.