Schematix Client

The Schematix web client

New technology to tackle old problems, wrapped in a beautiful, functional interface, accessible to any worker with a web browser.

  Clean lines

Schematix has always been about a minimal interface. We think the data should do the talking, and the interface should stay out of the way.

  • Minimal interface to maximize screen real-estate.
  • Enjoy hardware-accelerated SVG rendering through the vex graphics library, part of the Schematix client.
  • A well-organized menu system maximizes productivity and makes common tasks faster.
  • Browser-based interface means you can log in and be viewing and managing your data from virtually any network-enabled device.

  Fully equipped

The Schematix client provides a great workspace for all the modeling, searching, and rendering tasks you could be asked to do.

  • Select individual objects and relations, or select arbitrary groups of them with the lasso and other selection tools.
  • Apply attributes, highlight objects, isolate a selection, merge diagrams, apply a view, create new relations, move an object, collapse containers, change the layout, and more.
  • Every menu choice and UI action will translate into an equivalent CML command, visible in the CML interpreter so you can learn as you work.
  • View and interact with your data as a graph, a table, or a pie chart.

  Always real-time

The Schematix realtime architecture enables a completely unique level of collaboration, with "always-on" realtime interaction only possible using the Schematix platform.

  • Share your workspace with other users by letting them connect to your session. Join other users for collaborative meetings or group training and discussion. Other users in your session are visible as identicons, so you can see who is working with you.
  • Real-time chat with the other people in your session through the CML interpreter.
  • Watch diagrams update in real-time, without needing to be refreshed, as they respond to changes in the model. This makes them ideal for dashboards and other types of high-visibility ambient monitoring.