Schematix SmartSync

  Smart synchronization

Most automation is fragile. That's why we built Schematix Sync differently from most automation.

Schematix Sync handles incoming data intelligently. You can re-situate, annotate, and alter automated elements, and it will still be able to find them when updates arrive.

It uses a version of the extract-transform-load (ETL) pattern from enterprise architecture and data virtualization, with unique heuristics made possible by the nature of the Schematix data store.

The result is that human-curated and automated data can be interwoven without the constant tug-of-war that so often happens.

How it works

1 First, data from a known source is provided. The source can be arbitrary, as long as it has a well-specified format.

2 Schematix SmartSync converts this source data into a canonical form using a transformer, which knows how to translate between formats.

3 Schematix SmartSync maps the canonical form to the elements of the Schematix model using intelligent heuristics to avoid disturbing the existing model structure.

4 Once the mapping is obtained, the updates can be applied, and the changes immediately propagate to all users through the realtime system.

  Available modules

Amazon Web Services EC2

  • Detect and synchronize Amazon EC2 infrastructure
  • Specialized Amazon schema sets are available

VMWare VSphere

  • Detect and synchronize VMWare virtual infrastructure
  • Specialized VMWare schema sets are available

Schematix Linux hostinfo

  • Detect and synchronize host machine configuration
  • Deployable on any Unix/Linux host