Professional Grade IT Systems Modeling and Analysis

Map system dependencies.
Perform impact analysis.
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Document complex information systems with Schematix

Schematix™ is a tool for modeling and analyzing interactions among complex IT applications, services, systems, and networks.

IT professionals use Schematix™ to record, share, and retain critical knowledge about IT configurations so they can make changes safely, troubleshoot faster, and ultimately sleep better at night.

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Video: Dependency mapping and impact analysis

  Build a model

Construct an interactive model of your software dependencies, cloud services, IT infrastructure, business processes, and more.

Then use that model to:

  • Analyze impact of IT changes.
  • Simulate failure senarios.
  • Troubleshoot outages faster.

  Work together

Schematix™ works for individuals or teams, and supports live collaboration among remote workers.

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Schematix™ is delivered via SaaS or available on-prem. Each comes with full support, backups, training, and free upgrades throughout your subscription.

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