With more than 2 million language nodes for you to explore, The Wordflex Touch Dictionary is the next step in the evolution of the English dictionary and thesaurus.

Developed exclusively for iPad – in association with Oxford University Press – it's fun, fascinating and offers the first truly tactile, interactive reference for word lovers of all ages. It uses intuitive “mind-mapping” technology to turn word entries into dynamic trees that you can easily move, shape, rearrange, save and share with touch gestures.

11/2014:  NEW VERSION STATUS: We have been working on the coming 2.0 upgrade for a long time. Entirely redesigned for iOS 8, it brings updated content, lots of other improvements and is coming out in 01/2015 as a free upgrade for the current version owners.
03/2014:  Exciting news: Wordflex recognized by Common Sense Media as a 2014 ON for Learning Award Winner! It received Common Sense's highest rating for learning potential and represents the very best of kids’ digital media products designed to educate and engage. Check out their reviews here and here or learn more about the winners here.
01/2013:  Version 1.2 out with more nodes, improved bookmarks and others.
06/2012:  Part of App Store's Back to School supplies.
05/2012:  Version 1.1 out with retina graphics, ability to directly expand end-nodes and more.
03/2012:  Apple's iPad App of the week in 66 countries & no. 1 in Educational sales in many.
02/2012:  Wordflex Touch Dictionary version 1.0 released.
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 This video can also be played on YouTube.
 And there is another video showing an entirely hands-free organic expansion of a more complex entry.



- For iPad only – the ultimate dictionary for the ultimate tablet.

- Tree-based view with realistic physical behaviour for easy navigation of
complex entries.

- Gesture-based interaction; moving nodes around, tapping, scrolling, pinching/spreading enable strongly interactive play with words – mimicking the elemental, tactile, fun of learning language.

- Advanced technology, combining rich educational content with immersive experience; dynamic interface driven by a physics engine and a highly efficient, tree-structured database.

- Highly aesthetic UI with retina HD graphic for crystalline text and visuals.

- Ability to share 'word posters' via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook,
or printed hard copy.

- Multiple Oxford's dictionary/thesaurus titles in one app.

- Direct expansion of word nodes allowing jumping from one tree to another.

- Complete audio pronunciations in U.K./U.S. English; tailor-made illustrations.

- Content-rich (nearly 1GB) installation – no network needed to use
(except for sharing).

- Flexible search with matches, hints, relatives and real-life sentences.

- Smart bookmarking marks exact point of interest.

- Bird's-eye auto-zooming/centring.

- Smart-expansion feature keeps work area tidy and offers attractive
auto-unfolding of word trees.

- Random feature that simulates 'flying through language'.


These fully integrated titles are powered by Oxford's extensive language research program, including the Oxford English Corpus which contains over 2 billion words of real 21st century English:

Oxford Dictionary of English
(ISBN 9780199571123)
The foremost single-volume authority on the English language; includes 355,000 words, phrases and definitions, 12,000 encyclopaedic entries, and 68,000 examples selected by best language experts in the field.

New Oxford American Dictionary
(ISBN 9780195392883)
Similar in extent and scope to the title above, this is Oxford's flagship dictionary of U.S. English.

Oxford Thesaurus of English
(ISBN 9780199560813)
The gold standard of comprehensive synonym and antonym resources.


- Use language creatively.
- Are looking for just the right word.
- Are learning/studying English.
- Want to enrich their vocabulary.
- Are 'word nerds' digging deep into linguistic complexities.
- Find traditional dictionaries insufficient or too static.


'One of those "wow" apps…' – Karen Freeman, AppAdvice
'Caution: If you're a word geek, it's easy to spend hours… its design, reflecting on concepts of mind mapping and natural physical behaviour married with premium content by Oxford University Press, make it truly stand out'– The MacTrack
'Truly an app worthy of iPad … stunning' – Nate Adcock, iPhoneLife